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Everything that Chrono's done since arriving at Death City. Because I will totally forget otherwise.

January 9th, 2010
Chrono arrives in Death City. He listens to the tour spiels but otherwise avoids interacting with others.

January 11th
Late morning: After spending two days debating about what he should do (and struggling to learn how to use the network device) Chrono makes a post demanding information to find a way back home. The people that respond manage to convince him that there isn't a known way to choose to leave.
Meets: Bakura Ryou, Kenshin Himura, Barbara Gordon, Souji Seta, Takuto Tsunashi, Saya Takagi, Mary Weather Haregreaves, Aion (knew in canon), Tifa Lockheart, Kaoru Kamiya
-Meets Takuto, finds out that he's friends with Aion, promises to attempt resonating with him.
-Saya Takagi is the only one he becomes completely unfriendly with. (Should follow this up later, probably. Would be interesting CR.)
-Associates Merryweather with Mary due to the similarity in names. Thinks she's a cute kid.
-Argues with Aion, but they both admit that they don't hate each other. Chrono admits where he was before he arrived to Death City (fleeing to the Order with Mary) and Aion informs Chrono that the last thing he remembers is Chrono freezing his time.

Chrono leaves his apartment to buy supplies he needs for his home. Along the way he makes a stop at the mall to try to buy new clothing, and is completely and utterly overwhelmed by the large amount of choices and his lack of knowledge of modern human fashion. He ends up buying random clothing in colors he likes--some of which ends up not even fitting him--and fleeing.

Meets Rider (Iskandar, King of Conquerors) on the Network, is fairly impressed with his "rank".
Meets Anders on the network, is frustrated that the mage is admittedly not a good fighter but is a meister (while he is a weapon) but is still somewhat won over because of Ander's humor.
Meets Howl Jenkins, who is looking for his fire demon friend. Chrono lets slip during their conversation that he's also a demon (although a very different sort).

January 12th
Kaoru posts, searching for a weapon. Chrono is inspired by her determination to protect others, is reminded of his own desire to protect other people, and decides that he wants to find a way to help in the war effort until he finds a way back home. He agrees to try to resonate with her.

-Meets Mickey Mouse on the network. Similar to his conversation with Kaoru, Chrono is surprised by Mickey's determination to help others and calls him a "good person". He admits some of his background as a soldier to Mickey and explains that he's never had a choice to fight until now.
-Meets Lily Ivory on the network. He answers her question about ways out of the city (and that he hasn't found any).

Early evening:
Meets Isabela on the network. They briefly discuss the quirks of Death City.

January 13th
Meets Sakuya Haibara on the network, who is distraught after her brother has left the city. Chrono attempts to console her (although his own frustration over being separated from Mary doesn't help).

Meets Blair (NPC) on the Network. He very, very awkwardly attempts to get information about the city while she flirts with him, and eventually agrees to go out to dinner with her if she'll help him learn more about "modern clothing".
-Later that evening she comes to meet a cat.

January 14th
Morning training!
-First time Chrono ever attended morning training. (I'll be assuming he attends every day from now on unless otherwise stated.)
-Meets Shibuya Yuuri at Weapon Transformation training. (Log's not finished, but due to later logs I know he hasn't yet figured out how to transform at this point, although training might've helped.)
-Chrono attempts to resonate with Kaoru. It goes very well, although Chrono's frustrated that he's unable to turn into his weapon form. He tells Kaoru a little about his relationship with Mary, and she guesses that she's "very precious" to him.
-Chrono sees Aion at training and realizes he's wounded. Worried, he talks to him and discovers he was injured in the evacuation of Melstone and Winnett, Montana. The conversation ends up turning to Chrono freezing Aion's time back home, and they end up briefly bickering and parting on not-so-good terms.
Partnership Training: Chrono and Takuto attempt to resonate. Although Chrono finds it a bit difficult due to Takuto's ~*~dazzling soul~*~ they manage to successfully resonate (particularly because Chrono allows Takuto to "lead"). Takuto drags Chrono and Aion out to celebrate by watching a movie, Avatar Avamonster. (This is the first human movie Chrono's ever seen.)

Evening: Chrono speaks to Takuto on the network, who is upset because some of his friends have left Death City. Chrono attempts to comfort him, but ends up (in an odd switching of roles) being comforted by Takuto instead because of his own loneliness. Takuto tells Chrono that he'd call him a friend, and Chrono accepts his friendship.

January 15th
Chrono listens to a story that Colette Brunel posts onto the network--the legend of the Chosen One and the goddess, Martel. Chrono responds to compliment her on the story.

January 16th
After morning training: Aion finds Chrono moping at the top of Shibusen's large staircase about still being unable to transform into a weapon. They bicker again. Aion ends up pushing Chrono down the staircase knowing that it'll help him transform and Chrono discovers his weapon form--a gunblade very similar to Aion's own weapon form.

-Takuto posts about losing another friend. Chrono tries to cheer him up by distracting him instead of outright saying comforting things.
-Allen Abaddonnia posts, asking if anyone has seen a girl that looks like him from his home. Chrono responds in the negative, but says he'll keep an eye out for her. They discuss the worlds they come from.

January 17th
-Chrono goes on his first mission with Aion and Takuto in the attack on Frankfurt. Together, they destroy an emitter.

January 20th
-Chrono and Viede get their first chance to talk. They discuss Christianity (and Viede's theory that many people in the Bible were actually demons).

January 25th
-Chrono argues with Gilgamesh on the Network after he makes a haughty post calling everyone "lowlifes".

January 26th
-Chrono volunteers to help the new arrivals at the Soul Perception station. He struggles a bit with the machine. Meets Demona and tells her she's a Meister (but doesn't get her name). Also meets Londo and tells him he's a Weapon and explains about being one (and again, doesn't get his name).

January 27th
-Chrono comments to a post made by Demona on the Network, asking questions about the war. (He doesn't ask her name again, but she mentions it in a thread to Aion which Chrono would probably read, so he knows it now.) He find out that she's a gargoyle (and tells her he's a demon), and decides she's not all that bad. Partially because he thinks she doesn't mind him being fond of humans. (He's wrong, obviously.)
-On the same post, Aion and Chrono have a conversation in the demon language that ends up being another loud fight over Mary and Chrono's betrayal. Aion verbally bitchslaps Chrono so badly that Chrono starts to (secretly) think his decision to leave might have actually been selfish. They exchange some information about Demona, and Chrono makes a few other snippish remarks to Aion before the conversation ends with them being frustrated with each other.
-Chrono comments to a post made by Kid. The conversation has its ups and downs (including one point where Chrono gets angry with her because she presses him for info about his background), but they end up on a friendly note.

January 29th
-Chrono meets Isaac Clarke on DEMISE. The man seems very skiddish and mentions that his home felt like a "nightmare." Chrono does his best to reassure him--although mentioning learning how to turn into a weapon when Aion pushed him down the stairs, and that he sometimes thinks the sun and moon are watching him through his windows, probably doesn't do much to help.


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