Nov. 15th, 2014 02:37 am
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Hey guys! This post is for anyone that would like to give me some comments on how I'm playing Chrono, or to ask any questions they might have on my choices made in RPing him, etc. I really want to keep as IC as possible while playing him, and I also want to make sure that I'm fun to play with, so if there's anything you think I need to know to make sure I stay within those goals then please let me know!

This is also a place you can comment to if you want to get in touch with me through LJ comments for plotting or anything else! Other ways you can get a hold of me will be listed below:
AIM: BrightBlueInk
Plurk: BrightBlueInk
E-mail: HaleySings[at]gmail[dot]com
Feel free to ask me about any other ways you'd like to contact me, too!

Anon comments should be enabled, and IP logging should be off. (Let me know if they aren't and I'll fix it!) Comments are unscreened, because I prefer to be able to have a conversation on playing issues with people, and I think it's easier when comments aren't being screened. Plus, it helps people know what's already been addressed. I'm willing to change this if it makes people uncomfortable though!


rebelwithaclock: Chrono and Mary sitting side by side and stargazing (Default)
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